The Education Committee focuses on raising awareness of marine pollution issues in our community by actively bringing all Surfrider Foundation programs to grades 6-12 and college students. We engage students through presentations, assemblies, hands-on classroom activities and community service opportunities. If you’d like to discuss programs for grades K-5, please give our Education Chairman a call directly.




Pacifica High School joined us last year and has quickly become one of our largest clubs in town. Led by Emily Kim, the club had a fantastic club rush with over 50 members signing up.  During a presentation in November, there were over 45 students who gave up their lunch hour to learn more about the hazards of our plastic filled ocean. Mahalo Pacifica High School! Your club will be taking great Strides forward as you work on your year long project.



Professor Bud Benneman is starting a club chapter at GWC. Winter Club Rush is coming up in January, but an information day was held in October to let the Students know of the upcoming club. Professor Benneman is a geologist, a surfer, and someone who is also on the Huntington Beach Environmental Board. We are sure that his expertise will make GWC one of the best clubs around. Mahalo!



Our Campus Club network creates a platform to meet the demand by young people for opportunities to influence environmental action through service, leadership development, civic engagement and direct action organizing.

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For more information about this program, including volunteer opportunities and how to schedule an educational presentation please contact us!

KC "Doc" Fockler

Education Chair


Surfrider Foundation Talbert Middle School Club


Executive Board Member names/titles: Mady Pham (Student Chair)

Club Advisor: Amy Trimm


Our only Middle School Club right now, and they are killing it! They are currently working on a school-wide plastic elimination project, an ocean friendly restaurant campaign, and a Prezi Presentation in which to provide outreach at the lower grade levels.

Surfrider Foundation Edison High School Club


President: Kanani Mercer

Advisiors: Greg Gardiner (California Teacher of the Year 2017), Zoran Forgiarini (Surf Coach, Sunset League Champions)


Edison has been involved at multiple cleanups and have provided countless hours of help at the beach. Beginning in 2019, they are also Blue Water Task Force Testing Lab, providing updates on the water quality in the HB area.

Surfrider Foundation Pacifica High School Club


Executive Board Member names/titles: Emily Kim (Student Chair)

Advisor: Alice Chang


Pacifica has just joined the ranks of Surfrider and has already attended several beach cleanups, and have helped set up the festivities at the Board Makers Hall of Induction, and are working on outreach to their campus on the dangers of plastic pollution.


Their Goal: At Pacifica it is our goal to educate students about the ways that their lifestyle impacts the environment and how they, as members of the coastal community, are able to combat issues such as; pollution, climate change, and drought.

Surfrider Foundation Huntington Beach High School Club

Executive Board Member names/titles:

Mason Lucero, President

Sophia Clay, Co-Chair


HBHS has been at almost every beach cleanup we have held since 2018. Their assistance has made our cleanups a huge success. They have also assisted at various events off campus and they want to integrate a plastics free program at their school.

PLASTIC FREE HB -- By Co-Chair Sophia Clay

Surfrider Foundation Marina High School Club


Executive Board Member names/titles: Helen McMullin (Student Chair)


Under Kelly's leadership, Marina has not only had dozens of students help out at the beach, but because of their club, they made the HBUHSD STEAM Fair a success. Using our gyre and urban runoff model, they showed students and parents the effects of items that drain into the ocean and how that debris collects in the Great Pacific Gyre off our Coast.