Huntington Harbor

Boat Rentals

16732 Pacific Coast Hwy, Sunset Beach, CA 90742


• 8:45 am orientation

 and zone plan

• 9:00 am paddle out

• 10:00 am return *Summer Hours

Items to Bring: Sunscreen, hat, and water, Shoes to protect your feet along muddy banks, Zero Emissions Watercraft (Duffy, kayak, paddle board).

To Volunteer Contact:

Shane Coons

Help Your Harbor Chair




Taking cleanup efforts upstream to the Huntington Harbor and raising community awareness of the link between inland pollution of waterways and oceans and beaches by:


• Removing trash from waterways and oceans for the health and sustainability of crucial ecosystems.


• Educating consumers to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (RRRR).


• Educating people about the need for improved biodegradability and packaging reduction.


• Educating people on the impact of waste on the environment.


• Engaging the community to actively protect waterways.


• Expand the Help Your Harbor program in Huntington Harbour and to other Chapters’ harbors/waterways by example.


• Have fun while making a difference with other great people!

  • Harbor Cleanup Videos

Our Chapter's programs operate solely on your kind donations:

Huntington Harbor Boat Rentals generously donates their kayaks for our Harbor Cleanups!

Want to Volunteer?


Be sure to check out our Cleanup Schedule!