Register for Speaker card by this Wednesday 4/21! Listen in on 4/23, they may have an additional meeting on 4/29, so stay tuned in here. Agenda & Meeting Notice for the April 23 Poseidon hearing.

To request to speak on an item at the April 23, 2021 meeting, you must submit a virtual speaker card no later than 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 21, 2021.

To register visit: - Speakers should sign up for agenda item 2 to speak on Poseidon.

Key Speaking Points:

- Unneeded High Priced Water

- Harmful brine discharge that will affect the environment and beachgoers

- No local water companies have committed to buying the water- too high priced

- Selling on fear factor because of a drought. The plant is only capable of fulfilling the needs of 10% of the county will this help ALL of the county.

- County recycling system and replenishment system is a model for the U.S. County residents are using less water now per household than over 20 years ago! They have learned how to conserve.